Monday, May 11, 2015

Long time...

I cant believe its been that long since I last blogged, but life does happen. Life with the three B's is a constant go go go. Especially with Bentlee being bigger, she is one you have to watch like a hawk.  Bethanie and Brooklyn were very content in thier room with a bunch of toys.
Bethanie is busy being the Drama child, while Brooklyn is busy being the crier of the family.  Both enjoy harassing the other and love to scream "I hate you!"
Bentlee is the reason I live and breath. She is the reason I get out of bed every day.....I know for a fact that Heavenly Father gave her to me for more than one reason.
Me.....still single and working. Trying to understand life and the cards that have been dealt. I continue to believe that I'll find the answers and be able to be at peace and have balance.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brooklyn Nichole Freeman

Where does the time go??? It send like just yesterday I had just been wheeled to my  room at LDS Hospital and told PJ to go home. I remember so vividly the doctor coming in and saying to me: "I've ordered you a sleeping pill and we are taking the baby to the nursery. Get some sleep!" There she was my little bundle of joy in pink! I was so happy to have her and know how special she was to be here. PJ was done at one so I consider Brooklyn my little miracle!  
Today she is 5!!!! My has she grown so fast. And oh how much I love her!  If I could go back in time and watch her grow I sooo would!  She is my ray of sunshine and my joy.  I love you Ms Brooklyn Nichole and am so greatful our Heavenly Father gave me you!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dealing with ADD

This is a post that I am very reluctant to share, but as one said: "It takes a village to raise a family."  Last July Bethanie was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder without Hyperactivity.  It really didn't surprise me because her dad had it as a child.  So Bethanie's wonderful Doctor and I, The Team, started a medication regiment and started to watch.  WOW what a difference.  Her grades increased and she started to do better all around the board.  She was reading on a grade level and her attention in class improved and we, as her team, felt all was well.

Christmas came around and things started to go down hill. Bethanie started to fail school, her reading went to pot, her behavior (no matter where we or she was) was HORRIBLE, and my patience went out the door.

Her Doctor and I revisited things and decided it was time for an adjustment of medication and some therapy.  Great the word THERAPY!!!! From the beginning of the divorce people said that Bethanie may or may not need some therapy.....oh and did PJ have a fit!!!  She doesn't need anything like that he would say.  But at the time he didn't have a job and didn't have health insurance, so I took her anyway.  Now that he does have insurance and his is the primary insurance, I am not sure I have a choice.  The doctor told me that I didn't have a choice and she NEEDED it!!!  So off we went with the referral and the wait.

I received a phone call the other day from the referral.....PJ's insurance will not pay for the therapy and medicaid won't cover the doctor that was requested!  OMH can it be anymore harder!  Since the change in his insurance, life has been hell.  In the five years that I have been divorced I have never had to pay for a prescription or a doctor.  Now with the change of his insurance, the bills are piling up.  Just for Brooklyn alone for her acid reflux medication its $100.00 with the insurance....I can't imagine what Bethanie's will be when I pick it up from the pharmacy.

Today we area still waiting for her medication and another alternative from the doctor as far as therapy.  The medication is soooo hard to find because of its form and the misuse of it, I have had to visit five pharmacies since getting the script.  Any advice or resources would be greatly appreciated.